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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Week 9: Lambda Litfest

I attended Mutha Up. It was a great experience because I got to meet other queer women (except they were moms). I liked that their kids came too; one was a toddler and the other was a teenager. Their focus was always their kids, but with touches of gender, body change, relationship problems, overcoming addictions, and of course comedy.

What I enjoyed the most was the welcoming and lighthearted aura of the space. The four writers/moms that presented their works were so entertaining. Each of their stories was funny in their own way. Carla, the first mom read "What to Expect When You're Expecting" a dark yet funny turn on the classic book with the same name.

Elizabeth was the second presenter. She told "The Real Story" a story that pulled at my heartstrings and made me hope for a happy ending. Her son, Jude was adorable as he listened in the front row as she told the story about how much she had wanted a baby. She said she would name her child Jude regardless of their sex. She explained that she wrote in the second person because it made it easier to write about her experiences.

Tyler Cohen was my favorite because she is a cartoonist. I love seeing other artists' work and hers was perfect for the material she presented. Her comic "Mama pants in Ebb and Flow" focuses on her daughter going through puberty. I loved this because it reminded me of when I went through it and how I went to the library to get books about how the body changes. I laughed when she read that she bought her daughter books about puberty. Her comic was so entertaining and honest, I had to go to the website,, where more of her work is posted. Some of it is about Trump being the president, Black lives matter, her daughter.

Wendy, the last presenter read an excerpt from her book "Bruja". I am going to be honest that I did not understand what was going on. But I did like when she read from her twitter which consisted of tweets composed of her daughter's quotes.

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  1. Whaaaaaaaat-- you were there? I am so sorry that I did not see you and say hello!
    We should go back sometime--this time together!