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Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 9 Blog Post

For the LambdaLit Fest, I attended the "Celebrating Our Heroes: Betty Berzon, Jeanne C órdova, Paul Monette and Mark Thompson" panel moderated by Jim Van Buskirk with Terry DeCrescenzo, Claudia Rodriguez, Nick Nolan and Michael Kearns on the panel. It was so interesting to see how the books that we read have impacted the older generations in such a significant way. I also had heard so many great things about the ONE LGBT Archives at USC and it was really cool to actually be there. In relation to the panel, I thought it was very interesting that in the interview of Eleanor Roosevelt by Berzon read by DeCrescenzo, Roosevelt had felt that "this generation [was] knowledgable of more world problems." This was interesting to me because that is what my grandma says about my generation and I wonder if every generation seems to be more knowledgable than the previous. I also was interested in Claudia Rodriguez's reading of Córdova's literature. I felt somewhat prepared for this because of class, but I learned about how she was very open to the younger generations new ideals and her ideals being challenged. I was pleasantly surprised with this information and even more surprised with her idea of identities being fluid and contextual. I was also surprised when told that trans* men could go to the the Michigan Lesbian Music Festival when trans* womyn could not. I learned a lot at this event and am looking forward to visiting the archive again in my free time.

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