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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Week #8: Fire in my belly

                 I found the video "Fire in My Belly" by David Wojnarowicz to be unique and moving though perhaps I feel like the message could be lost on someone who is not used to interpreting art work of this sort. Wojnarowicz was a painter, photographer, writer and AIDs activist who was prominent in the New York art scene. The sewing shut the mouth to signify the lack of having a voice and being silenced by society was an interesting piece that convey it's point explicitly. I noticed there were more images of the sewing than the actual mouth being shut, so that at first the viewer must infer what is happening. The juxtaposition of the male form against meat I felt was a great touch since it is usually, not solely, female bodies that are more objectified in the media so this provided a good counter narrative for the male form rather than only the female form. There were clear undertones of rage and aggression that coupled with graphic images held a shock value and clearly meant to make the audience think. 
                "Fire in my belly" is defined as a "powerful sense of ambition or determination" which is an apt name for the video as it is fueled by a clear determination to raise awareness and bring issues into sight for the masses. This video was met with a great deal of controversy being called sacrilegious and anti-religious. It was ultimately removed from display at the Smithsonian though doing so was called "painful" and was met with opposition however, there was a worry that the controversy might "spiral out of control". I would be interested in finding out if this video would ever make its way back to the Smithsonian or if it is being shown anywhere else at the moment.

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