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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Week 5: Otro Corazon

Week 5: Otro Corazon

For my week 5 assignment, I was tasked with writing a reflective blog post about the Otro Corazon 2 conference that was hosted by the UCLA LGBT Studies department.  I sat in on a panel that revolved around rasqucuachismo. There were several speakers speaking on the topic of thi  art form brought on by the latino experience, in particular that of chicanos. Drawn to the raw nature of this form of art, and noticing how this tied directly to the celebration of Tomas Ybarra-Fausto’s life and his book on Rasquachismo, I listened intently on the conversation revolving this form. What drew me to the panel was the discussion from the audience and how they began to discuss what rasquachismo signified to them. One such audience member claimed claimed that “yo soy rasquachismo!” meaning that he embodies and is empowered by the rascquachista art form. Why is important to note is the history of the word. I learned that it was nahuatl and had a negative meaning in Mexico since it alluded to people who were of a lower class.

as a result of this panel, I found my interest piqued by the art form and wished I had the book the Ybarra-Fausto had published on the topic. As someone who is a first generation latinx who was born to a working class tumultuous family, I found myself reflecting on how often people from my background are made to feel inferior, and how often we are pushed to the margins of society. It made me think of the systemic disempowerment present in communities of color, and reflecting on rasquachismo made me realize that this was a way of owning that narrative. It was a way for people like me to express themselves by subversively pushing the normalized envelope on what is deemed acceptable. Truly the panel at the Otro Corazon 2 conference is one that I’ll continue to reflect upon. 

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