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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Week 10 Blogpost

Hello Everyone! One thing that I've learned and have found interesting this quarter has been learning about the City of Los Angeles. I loved this city before I started the class, and granted that was one of the reasons I decided to take the class, but after reading the book in this class I feel much more connected with this city and so much more aware of what it offered and continue to offer the LGBTQ community. One thing in particular was the founding of the Gay and Lesbian Services Center and the quarrels that ensued from the feminist minority. I find it very interesting to just see how far we as a culture have come and how much more inviting we are compared to what we were in the 1950s and 80s, but also how unaccepting some people in the population still are.
In this class I've learned a greater appreciation for queerness and the depiction of this queerness in the forms of art, music, and activism. I feel like I more broadly understand what it means to be queer and with current events how we need to utilize the lessons of the past and apply them to the present for a better future. Granted, I feel like I could've learned a few more queer artists, but the content was still much appreciated. It's been a great quarter, and I look forward to all the queer art that I have yet to be exposed to LA and in my life. Thank you Professor Lopez.

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