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Monday, March 13, 2017

Professor in the Pub Week 9

Hi everyone! For the Lambda Literary Festival I attended the event on Wednesday at the Black Cat - Professor in the Pub. It was an interesting experience to say the least. When I arrived the room was already full to the brim and overflowing (me and my roommate had to sit on the floor). Everyone in attendance was so attentive to the speakers: Claudia Rodriguez, Richard Villegas, and Alicia Gaspar de Alba. Something that struck me was when the Professor Gaspar de Alba was reading a poem (which I can't recall the name of... sorry) dedicated to our own professor. Through the poem you could hear the long and tumultuous journey that it took for the two of them to meet and eventually marry; you could hear the pain and the point of clarity that came about when the professor proclaimed her love for the woman she married. There was also this other poem called "Jesus had a thing for older women" that really resonated with me. I took it as a tale of feminism and the understand we need to gain from the people in our lives, but in particular the marginalized who have suffered the most; to learn from their struggles and tribulations to make the world a better place. In essence preach love and understanding. It was a great night! Below I have attached a picture of the orators and one of my me and our professor.

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