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Saturday, March 18, 2017

My Life in Code

I liked that this class allowed us to have extra credit as well. This gave me the opportunity to go to places I wouldn't usually go to (because I didn't know they existed) such as the LA LGBT Center. I visited two centers in Hollywood before I reached the right one with the "My Life in Code" exhibit. I loved the crisp precise lines that Danielle Paris creates in her acrylic on canvas art. She uses Morse Code in pieces that interest and impact her life. One of my favorite and nostalgic pieces was her "88 MPH".  The theme are the Back to the Future movies. The central part of the painting is a license plate that reads "OUTATIME" and Morse code that incidentally spells the acronym BTTF (Back to the Future). It reminded me that we are actually not out of time and can change things for the better. I felt that it unconsciously urges the audience to be active in their community by telling them that time is important, and should be wisely used. 

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