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Monday, March 13, 2017


     This past Thursday, I attended the Lambda Litfest with my friend Michelle. We went to the West Hollywood library to sit in on the panel titled “Gay Theatre: Its History and Its Future”. Among this panel, there were many different people from the world of entertainment who came together in support of LGBTQ  arts within the community. The panel held some very successful playwrights including Michael Kearns, Mary Casey, and DJ Cox. It was interesting to hear how these individuals began their career in theatre and to hear about their experiences in the field. 
     While I enjoyed hearing about everyone’s rise to success in the world of theatre, the most prominent thing I learned from this panel was the importance of support in the queer community. There are so many things that we can get upset about in this world (especially in the gay community), but the recurring theme throughout every speaker was support.
     Mary Casey is one of the founders of the Ivy Theatre in Los Angeles, which was built to honor veteran lesbian activists. Michael Kearns wrote a play regarding HIV/AIDS and it wasn’t until this play that he began getting highly recognized for his work. DJ Cox was actually a part of Mary Casey’s Ivy Theatre—so it was cool to see how these connections were made and where they have landed them today. DJ Cox was one of my favorite speakers of the evening, and she is also the founder of the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Project.Overall, I was so pleased with the litfest event and I wish I had more time to attend the other panels that were offered throughout the week.


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