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Monday, March 13, 2017

Lambda LitFest


On Friday, March 10, I attended Sister Spit’s spoken word and poetry event for Lambda Lit Fest. The event was titled “Sister Spit: The Next Generation” and was composed of 8 spoken word artists who all performed a couple poems of theirs. Sister Spit is a collective of lesbian activists, artists, and poets who travel and perform together. They travel in a van together and put on free interactive arts shows. As a collective, they focus on the themes of queerness, women’s empowerment, resistance against fatphobia and fat shaming, and other pertinent intersectional topics. Denise Benavides was a personal favorite of mine from the night. Her poetry, performed powerfully and emotionally, was a raw focus on her intersections of being Chicana and lesbian. She ends a poem by saying that she has learned to not care about the lack of explicit overlap between these two identities. Her performance had a heavy emotional affect on the audience. The night ended with Maya Songbird, a visual and interactive performance artist. She focused on the themes of the intersections of being poor and a proud woman of color. She did an interesting blend with interactive karaoke. She ended her performance by having the audience interact. Members from the audience were invited to give their best orgasms into the mic as the final hook of her last number.

            Overall, the event was a brilliant exhibition of beautiful poetry and power. It was incredible to be in the audience and witness the power and words of a collective of lesbian feminist poets work, create, and perform together. I have definitely become a fan of this collective and want to watch them perform again this week! I ended up getting a selfie with Denise Benavides after the event was over. 

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