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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Lambda LiteraryFest held its first annual celebration this year, and was held in the honor of a diverse range of LGBTQ writers. On March 9th I attended "MUTHA UP at Lambda LitFest" at the Poetic Research Center in old Chinatown, near downtown L.A. There were many writers in the small, cozy, and erudite room, all contributors to MUTHA magazine a radical parenting magazine where "queer mama writers riff on keeping it real with kids." 
One of the first writers to present her work was Carla Sameth, a contributor for MUTHA magazine, and a writer living in Los Angeles with two children both age 20. She mentioned that they were only four months apart. In a rather candid and matter-of-factly fashion she read aloud her piece about teenagers and their inevitable experimentation with drugs. Her piece she read from was entitled "What to Expect When You're Expecting," again reiterating the inevitability of teenagers experimeting with drugs that induce "mind altering experiences." She ran through the different phases when the teenager first encounters it and tries, detailing all the different possible drugs from MOTA (mothers of teen addicts) all the way to robutussin and robo-trippers drinking coughing medicine. She even detailed the process of rehab and eventual sobriety. 
Another interesting writer presented her book "Bruja" where she develops an interesting take on the memoir literary form. She calls her book a dreamoir in which she documents her dreams in bold detail and develops it into a disjointed narrative. When she read aloud to the room she selected a passage about her mother in which she dreamed that she killed her mother with a knife. She describes it with brutal and gory detail but she tells us that it felt like she wasn't actually hurting her because her swings felt weak and empty of effort. 

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