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Thursday, March 2, 2017

"Fire In My Belly" - Week 8 Post

     After watching the full length video I feel like what the video is trying to relay to the viewers is a theme of power structures in regards to sacrifice and what will we sacrifice. I feel like he begins conveying this message with the imagery of the news headlines appearing on the screen, most relating to police crime and sex offenders. I feel like this comparison is crucial because it pits to severe crimes next to each other beginning to characterize the power structure setting. David follows this with Mexican pop culture (the matador-bull fight, the masked wrestlers, and the cock fight). I feel like he does this to bring to fruition this inner conflict  he is attempting to bring to our attention. What I think is interesting is that these pop culture references that he captures all center around machismo and very subtly homosexuality. I feel like what he is doing is setting up the dominant-subordinate or master-slave power structure in which inevitably, one will must bend to the other. This power structure is reminiscent of who is willing to sacrifice something else or be sacrificed.
     Later we see that we are transported to a circus and there is a monkey being ushered around and made to do tricks and flips by it's handler. Here this master-slave dichotomy is salient, and so is the power structure. The monkey had to sacrifice it's will to appease it's master and earn a reward. What was interesting in this scene is that there was also a lion who was beginning to be trained, but it was much more resistant to the tamer's force. Following this, almost to reinforce this idea of sacrifice, there is imagery of Mexican indigenous people sacrificing someone to the Gods, but what I find interesting is the imagery of the white tourists who come to the pyramids as well. Possibly as a way to show the coming of new "Gods" and sacrificing one belief for another. Carrying this dominant-subordinate power structure into theological realms.
     In the second film this power structure between "master" and "slave" is amplified. There is the imagery of the hand that gives from above and the battered, bandaged, and at times bloodied hand that receives from below. Demonstrating this dichotomous relationship. I believe he is talking about sacrifice because in essence, the people of Mexico sacrificed their belief of some authority (by choice or by force) for that of another.
As the scriptures go, Jesus sacrificed himself for the greater good, but what are we sacrificing in return for worshiping this entity. I believe the benefits which we reap are a fear to stand up to authority (hence the headlines of the corrupt law enforcement) becoming complacent to the mischief and greed of authority, but also engulfing ourselves in the triviality of hyper-managing other's sexuality.

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