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Monday, March 20, 2017

Final Post

I had never taken an art class before. Not in high school, not in college. Although, I would actually consider all my English classes art classes considering the written word is my medium as an artist and I have had tons of fun creating narratives that share my ideas and perspective with others. But this class, over the past 11 weeks, it has opened and even closed a door in the world of communication for me. I don't mean this in a bad way, not at all. I just mean that I was so captivated during class meetings so much that it was hard to look back at anything that wasn't so visually enticing. For instance, the bath-house print shown in class from the Smithsonian told a story that I am already familiar with because of the queer history books and lectures I have attended. But actually seeing it in practice was different. It was easier for me to imagine myself in the time and context, helping me understand better. It's truly beautiful. 
And of course, I am truly grateful to have gone through this experience under the guidance of our professor. From the very first day, I was treated with an opportunity to genuinely connect with an educator that was able to share so much knowledge with me. Most of all, I am super glad that this blog exists. Discussion during class is interesting, but here everyone has a full stage that they are able to take with them elsewhere which has allowed us to teach each other from outside the classroom (and keeping these permanent opportunities online).

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