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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Final Blog Post

I have never taken an art course before, other than art history, or an LGBTQ course so I very much enjoyed looking into a multitude of contemporary artists and seeing the wide range of works in the Los Angeles area and beyond. I felt that the multifaceted approach of focusing on a single artist of our own, reading from a variety of texts and attending events gave the course a well-rounded feel that made learning extremely enjoyable. If I were to pick a favorite text it would probably be Cruising Utopia purely because I felt like it challenged me to understand and think in different ways about the future of progressive issues. I actually found myself looking up phrases or concepts to better understand them in the context of the book. Beyond that I learned this paradoxical approach to bringing the future to the present and feel that it could be applied to so many issues which made it fascinating and with other literature to back it up it was well researched. Without this course I wouldn't have thought, or perhaps heard of, LITFEST or Otro Coraz√≥n so I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend both and have experienced those.  

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