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Saturday, March 18, 2017

final blog post

This course was completely different from any other course I have taken here at UCLA. For one, it is the first LGBTQ course I have taken and one of the first courses that explores artists’ queer identities as an integral part of their work and motivations. There have been many other classes in the Sociology and Chicanx Studies departments where I have to focus on certain themes other than queer narratives so I’m very thankful that I was able to explore this identity more within this class. One thing that struck me was how little I know of LGBTQ history in the US. Often times, I tend to focus on queer identities and queer acceptance transnationally in my native country. However, I’m noting now that my central focus on queering indigeneity left me with little knowledge (other than my own lived experiences) of queer obstacles in the US and even on a local level in LA. I had not known much about he history of West Hollywood and how it became a hub for queer folx – mostly because I don’t really spend my leisure time in the area, but also because its untampered history is not something that is easily accessible to the public. Overall, I truly enjoyed the conversations we had in this class and the final project which made us critically seek out talented queer artists that I'm sure our community will enjoy.

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