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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Extra Credit: Outfest Fusion, Black Queer Magic Shorts

Outfest Fusion: Black Queer Magic Shorts was an amazing experience. The first short was called Behind Closed Doors and it was about an older black, straight couple who have a gay son. The father was very disproving of his son and the mother was accepting. The couple was having a discussion about their son in bed before they went to sleep, and it was so interesting that they were having such a heated conversation, and then just decided to watch a movie after with no conclusion. The next short film was called Monogamish. This one really hit close to home for me. There was a gay couple dating, and one of the guys wanted to be exclusive while the other did not. There was a really cool use of layering a poem on top of the scenes. The film ended with the man who wanted monogamy deciding that just because all his friends were doing non-monogamy, does not mean he had to. The next film was called Shape Up: Gay in the Black Barber Shop. This was a documentary and it was very relevant in my current life because I recently got interviewed for someone's independent project on LGBTQ code-switching. This involves a queer person changing their expression or mannerisms in environments they feel like they cannot be their authentic self. The next film was about a lesbian from Uganda seeking Asylum in the United States because she was being harassed in her country. Her girlfriend and her got separated and she had been trying to find her. The last film was about a trans* womyn who had met someone on craigslist and they called each other. During the entire phone call, she was going through an internal battle of telling him she was trans* or not. The camera was not in focus the entire time besides the last 5 minutes.  Something that made me uncomfortable was the fact that a very effeminate gay male played the trans* womyn and I am not sure why they did not have an actual trans* womyn play her.
The Q&A was also interesting because the director who directed Behind Closed Doors did not know what he was talking about at all. He was talking about how his was gay and as a "straight black man" it was difficult for him to see his cousin struggling. And the actors in his film kept lumping the LGBTQ people together and saying "you guys" and calling how we live a "lifestyle." Also, the gay guy who played the trans* womyn kept answering the questions that were meant for the filmmakers. I was happy that I got my serving of Black Queer Magic and plan to look into some of these filmmakers in my free time.

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