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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Extra Credit: Lips!

I attended the Lips Show as extra credit and was very pleased. Every single time something happened that could have been slightly... problematic or uncomfortable, there was an immediate fix. I was very excited to go to one of these shows where I would be included. Obviously, nothing can be perfect but Lips did a very good job of trying. The piece about the womyn who did not want to have sex, but wanted to keep doing everything else was also interesting because some of the stuff she had done, some people consider that sex. Also, I felt that the piece about the womyn wanting a period had a very good warning about not every person who identifies as a womyn as a period and not every man does not. However, the line about she never wanted a period as much as she did that day, made me feel kind of funky because some trans* womyn go their whole life begging for a period they'll never have. The tinder monologue made me feel so extremely validated. I hope when the play gets more established, they get some other trans* voices but I am so excited to see where it goes.

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