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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Fire In My Belly

Hi guys!

“A Fire In My Belly” by David Wojnarowicz is a piece of art that contains a multitude of different messages. In the full version of the video, the audience is introduced to hectic city life, repetitive symbolic images, and traumatizing newspaper headlines. As I continued watching the video, I found it a little difficult to depict the different themes and meaning behind Wojinarowicz work. It was a very avant guard style piece, but I did find it difficult to follow thematically. There wasn’t any sound present in the longer version of the film and I feel as though I could’ve had a better understanding if I could hear what was going on throughout the film.

While watching the four minute version of “A Fire In My Belly”, I immediately noticed a dramatic difference. There was a dark church-like humming sound in the background, followed by a set of disturbing images and videos. I saw scenes of blood splattering in a dish, bugs crawling out of a crucifix, and many other motifs of death. A scene within the film shows lips being sewn shut which is a representation of some sort of silence on behalf of the queer community and those infected with AIDS. The representation of people in this video, followed by footage of hanging animal carcasses represents the perspective that some had towards these subjects. 

It wasn't until after viewing the condensed version of this video that I began to unearth the true and harsh meaning behind the work. David Wojnarowicz so creatively depicted this issue though a series of anxiety provoking clips that I will always remember. 

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