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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Week 8: A Fire in my Belly

The Fire in my Belly video has so much imagery that the first time I watched it, it sort of turned into a blur. The second time around, the images that stood out the most was the ant covered crucifix and the mouth being sewed shut. These were only a few of the Catholic images that appear in the video. Due to the professor's explanation of the footage in this video, it is my opinion that the ant cross was captured spontaneously. It can be seen as those in high positions in the church as being intolerant of gay people by crawling all over religion and God when it should be about love and acceptance of all. I can also see it as cleaning that negative view because if the crucifix was on the floor with food crumbs, it is likely that the ants are picking up that food. When they leave, the crucifix will be left clean. The fact that it was a video to advocate HIV/AIDS makes the image of sewing the lips closed even more powerful. I felt such emotion when I saw that scene because it's screaming "Silence" when the opposite is what was wanted. This silence comes with physical pain (just as it's painful to stick a needle through the skin) and the emotional pain. Overall, I felt that his video was purposely made to be watched more than once to fully grasp the message he was giving.

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