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Thursday, February 16, 2017

When We Were Outlaws

The book When We Were Outlaws: A Memoir of Love and Revolution by Jeanne Cordova was a very interesting book that was hard to put down.
                There were two events that caught my attention in Chapter 3. She mentions that she lives with her Primary partner BeJo, and that she doesn’t speak to her parents since she came out. The fact that she was kicked out of her house for being a lesbian was both sad and a bit familiar. Last year I would have said that I relate to her story because when I came out I was kicked out of my house for a bit. However, after talking to my parents things did get better and I moved back in. However, I cannot imagine being out of the house with no communication at 19. The fact that she strongly believes in non-monogamy is interesting to me as well. She lives with her primary partner BeJo and has an agreement that Monday and Friday nights are the nights they have to be with other people. I find interesting that the reason she believes in non-monogamy is because of her feminist views on monogamy. She says, “Monogamy was invented by men to enslave and isolate women from one another and to protect…women as property.” This called my attention because Bejo did not seem interested in non-monogamy but was there because she wanted to be with Jeanne.

                The third event I found interesting was in Chapter 20. BeJo and Pody started dating and Jeanne admitted to herself that she was in love with Racheal. During an interaction, Jeanne found herself jealous thinking about Pody having sex with BeJo. I find this interesting because it makes me think she only likes non-monogamy when it’s only on her end. Although it is about Safety and not love, it’s interesting to see her jealousy with someone she doesn’t see her as a “long term match.”

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