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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Week 7 Blogpost - Felix D'Eon

     The image I've chosen from D'Eon's many pieces is this one called "El Diablo." For this art project, D'Eon has taken a very popular Mexican playing game, "La Loteria," and has inserted many queer motifs from within the LGBT community. For this picture in particular, I see the motif of the dom/sub dichotomy playing out. You have the diablo, or devil, exerting his power over the very eager and submissive man-boy. The devil is bending the man-boy to his will, and if you look closely enough, you can see the artist's depiction of the man-boy's face: titillation with ever so subtle worry.
     In the original loteria, the devil card is actually called "El Diablito" and not "El Diablo." I feel that by choosing to use the word diablo instead of diablito amplifies the dominant persona that the devil eminates in this image. In essence, by reclaiming the term diablo in it's entirety, rather than in it's diminutive or subjugated form (-ito), the diablo is truly dom.
     Another way this could be interpreted would be in regards to the discussion in class we had about "los 43." In the top left of the piece you see the number 43, and as we know, the 44th man that partook in that fiesta de maricones, was pardoned by his governmental elite relative. Indirectly, or directly, the artist could be poking at that person with a literal (devil holding the trident against the man-boy's butt) and figurative stick (the depiction of the devil dominating the man-boy). The phrase, "the one that got away" comes to mind, and this person may have escaped public dismay, but the devil didn't forget. The devil is cashing in the punishment now by exerting his power over the man-boy for the sin he committed.

     I would like to point out that D'Eon takes photographs or has in-site models for many of his pieces. I feel that by doing that he captures some of the reality of the situation enhancing his images to reflect something human. Here is a picture of such.

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