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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Week #6

        I feel like the book When We Were Outlaws: A memoir of Love and Revolution reads like a novel more than just a memoir by keeping readers engaged with descriptive passages and dialogues. In chapter 3, I found it so sad to read about the author’s relationship with her family and that they were unable to accept her and kicked her out when she was only 19 years old. Furthermore she says she hasn’t seen them in seven years despite them only living twenty minutes away from her. I couldn’t imagine not having my family’s support and encouragement, and it was hard to hear her struggle with her own “homophobic” and “classist” family. I really loved the quote in chapter four when she says “…normal was not a good reason to do anything” because I feel that many people go through their lives doing what is expected of them to find a sense of normality, often leading to settling for others expectations rather than one’s dream.    

       The author goes on to talk about if she had settled for normal then she never would have founded her magazine The Lesbian Tide. I think the notion of breaking free of the norm is truly inspiring and speaks a lot to her will and character as a person. I think it was interesting that the intersecting struggles of sexuality, politics and relationships were illustrated early on showing that though the author is very passionate about all aspects of her life it is a balance of keeping them all, which I feel like will be continually illustrated throughout the book with the more I read. There are so many aspects of her life happening simultaneously I am looking forward to the next chapters and seeing how each part of her life progressives and the struggles that might arise within them.

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