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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Week 6 When We Were Outlaws post

This week I began reading the second text of the course and found myself hooked immediately. The first few chapters of the book are very descriptive and engaging with the reader, and as someone else mentioned --even though this is a memoir, it has many novel-like qualities to it. ‘When We Were Outlaws’ is an excellent balance of both Jean Cordova’s personal experience as a gay woman, and her political agenda.

A part in the reading that stood out to me was in Chapter 2: The Hat, where the author goes on to tell the story of how she met Rachel. She was at the Woman’s Building in Los Angeles hearing and reporting on a speech that was to be made by Angela Davis. I really enjoy the tone of Cordova and they way she describes these events in such detail to the point where the audience feels as if they are there with her. There is a point in the chapter where she talks about her “millionaire father” and how he would be devastated if he found out about her life devotion to gay activism. This part really highlights the lack of support from her family due to the fact that she is gay, and I felt this part hit home for me specifically. She states that she has a “devotion to nation-building among lesbians” and that is the sole reason why she strayed away from the path her parents expected of her. Jean Cordova is a truly fantastic and resilient individual and I’m excited to continue reading this memoir.

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