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Friday, February 17, 2017

Week 6 Blogpost

     Hello everyone! I rather enjoyed the readings this week. Jeanne Cordova is such an eloquent and entrancing writer. When I read it I feel like she's in the room telling me her story, or as if I was there with her. Albeit, I'd expect nothing less of such an accomplished writer. In Chapter 2, I was particularly interested in here fascination with Angela Davis and her sexuality. Cordova describes herself as an "out and proud baby butch-looking dykelet" seemingly playing a role for all to see. What fascinates me was her incessant attempt at trying to essentially put Davis into the same gender binary. However, I am impressed that she would have the audacity to ask Davis if she was a lesbian. Given the amount of lesbians in the audience I think it would have been well-received.
     I found this section quite interesting because I feel that for the most part this heteronormative gender confirming still exists, but not to the same degree as it once was. I feel that queer people now are somewhere on this self-representative queer spectrum; on the extremes and the subverted. I feel that putting people in a "queer box" nowadays doesn't carry the same meaning it once did. Given the progress that we have made as a community and the impact we as a culture have had on society, how people represent themselves may be even more varied. Broadening the queer box, but also diminishing it's constricting effect.

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