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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Post #4: Otro Corazon 2

           I found Otro Corazon 2 to be a very passionate event where the deep appreciation and reverence for Tomás Ybarra-Frausto through telling how he has personally impacted their lives in a multitude of ways made it was evident for the audience how much the speakers looked up to him. One saying in particular was that people felt that they experienced him through their conversation with his words and art being reverberations. Another comment made by a speaker that was truly heartbreaking that she felt that in her culture, “We were not invisible, we did not exist” which I felt spoke volumes about the ostracization that many cultures feel in the United States as they are under represented. However, through the collective and collaborative making of art communities and cultures can come together and express themselves, which was a follow up point made.
            Another speaker on the first panel referenced Frausto’s most famous essay, “The Chicano Movement and the Movement of Chicano Art” and furthermore spoke incredibly highly of it. It was very moving to see how celebrated Frausto is and the impact he has made in other peoples lives inciting ‘tiny ripples of hope’ in people through his work. I had not previously heard of him, but through seeing the impact that he had made on such a wide range of people that were overcome with so much emotion even speaking about him I felt immediate respect for him. It was also nice to learn more about Chicano/Chicana art, which previously I did not know much about. A point that I especially was fond of was that Chicano art operates on an individual, societal and personal sphere therefore encompassing so many facets of life. I found the event to be moving while being very informative about Chicano art and culture.

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