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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Part III of Gay L.A.

Hey guys!

As I finished part III of Gay L.A., multiple things stood out to me. First off, this was definitely my favorite section of the textbook as we are introduced to many different things. We are taken through a new point in time where LA was the place to be for the LGBTQ community. They gay liberation movement began to flourish and offered people of this community a sense of belonging. The text goes on to describe that these individuals were now able to build themselves daytime lives like the rest of the community. There were a fruitful number of institutions created in order to make the LGBTQ community more “at home”.

The birth of religious institutions in L.A., like the MCC (Metropolitan Community Church) that provided the queer community with spiritual belonging. Not only did it grant them a spiritual community, but the MCC was the largest employer of gays and lesbians. This became a sort of sanctuary for them, as the leader of this church, Mr. Perry fought for their rights every day.  His mindset was to never take the backseat , which was inspiration and a reflection of the black community. Reading about the MCC was definitely my favorite aspect, because I could only imagine how amazing it was for these people to have a place where they felt fully comfortable to express themselves.

The church received hate mail almost every single day in stacks the size of bricks, crimes of arson began to breakout; however, this made them stronger. In conclusion, this part of the reading truly stood out to me and made an impact on the way I view gay history in L.A.

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