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Friday, February 24, 2017


I am a writer assistant editor for the Daily Bruin. Many of my columns regard social justice themes, specifically related to the queer community because I am a closeted bisexual to my Mexican parents. This second book not only allows for me to resonate, but also gives me insight on the differing perspectives of even those like me. For example, as mentioned in class, monogamy was such an aversive lifestyle for Cordova and she praised against it plenty. But even as she eventually grew away from the idea, it is not something I had ever connected with patriarchy like she did. I always considered other people's lifestyles their own, but I am able to see a more extensive and inclusive history. Cordova's activism fell competitive with  the work of others. Cordova was a party the middle of this argument elsewhere in the real world: the Daughters of Bilitis found conflict in working with her so much they voted her out of the top executive positions. While the DOB founders were rightfully proud and consistent with their work, Cordova intruded their historically-relevant activism and juxtaposed it with her more progressive activism. Conclusively, while I am pointing this pattern out, I am not pointing at it as wrong and unnecessary. On the contrary, this is exactly what's needed for social, and in extension political, revolution.
Later in Chapter 20, we learn about BeJo and Pody beginning an intimate relationship, which prompts Cordova to become jealous even though at this point she knows she is in love with Rachel. Reading this sparked conversations I have has with my professor for my psychology of intimate relationships class. He urges that we look at relationships not as an additive process, but a complex product of intertwining two lives. We have not, however, talked much about queer relationships given that there is little date published on the topic. But this does inspire readers to consider the complexities of these relationships and to even connect them with the same happenings in heterosexual, cis-gender relationships.

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