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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Otro Corazón 2 Conference

The Otro Corazón 2 conference was a beautiful and emotional tribute to the life and work of TomásYbarra-Fraustro. The conference brought in an interdisciplinary field of scholars, activists, and artists, many of who were living, working, and creating in the intersections of Chicana/o/x and queer. The Queer Pos’modernidad round table discussion brought in the works of 4 artists and scholars. Alex Donis for “Beauty Queen Waves” performed a piece of writing that took the audience through different parts and memories of his life, as a gay Chicano man. He highlighted the intersections of his lived identity with a slideshow of Jack Robinson’s photographs to highlight the words being performed. His performance was a powerful story and a hilariously and beautifully performed piece. Professor Lopez took viewers through her art in “Decolonizing Myths: Made-Up Saints and Real Luchadoras”. We were given a background on her thoughts behind saint creation. Using elements of rasquachismo aesthetic and Chicanx art, Professor Lopez has created saints in the images of her family members and in such figures as Juan Soldado and Julia Pastrana. She highlighted the witty humor in rasquachismo and how she uses it to center and frame her visual art. Robb Hernandez talked about their very full and generative research in “Viral Display: Chicanx Art’s Domestic Parasites”. Here, Hernandez took us through gay Chicano artists who were working and creating during the AIDS epidemic, and highlighted the works of such prominent and important artists as Joey Terrill, Mundo Meza, and Teddy Sandoval. Hernandez also talked about the hegemonic way of remembering art as through the archival, but continued to highlight how this doesn’t work in all spaces of art and doesn’t privilege all artists. Alicia Arrizon centered and highlighted the works of two postmodern queer Chicanx artists working and disseminating through social media. These artists, Roy Martinez and Felix Frederic d’Eon, create works in the intersection of queerness and Chicanx identities.

This round table was a really well curated and valuable discussion. It centered and highlighted the artworks of queer Chicana/o/x artists. It tied back to the postmodern era and art that TomásYbarra-Fraustro worked, highlighted, and created discourse around. Such spaces where the voices of queer poc are highlighted are so important and need to be more pervasive and upheld.

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