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Friday, February 3, 2017

Judy Baca - Artist Selection

I have chosen to research the artist Judy Baca. Her presentation at Otro Corazon stood out in particular to me, because of the interactive component to it. Her mural work is symbolic of the importance of the process as much as the art itself. Her connection to this process, and community involvement is truly moving and compelling. This interaction between community involvement, the land, and the art itself is so important to Chicano and queer art. Her piece, “Absolutely Chicana,” was a fantastic exploration of her space as a woman within her culture, a space that so often needs to be explored more. The historical components to her murals are captivating and further address ideas of community and relations within communities and the woman’s relation within specific historical contexts. She transforms landscapes into political statements, embodying both personal and political feelings.

Her relationship to the land surely inspires much of her work, giving deeper meaning to her art. Her work on the Great Wall of Los Angeles embodies this connection to the space in which the art is made and inspired by. The fact that it is an ongoing project is symbolic of the space and culture in which it exists, and its continued, yet changing state. I hope to explore even more of her works and gain a deeper understanding of what from her life has influenced her work. I hope to uncover the personal connections to the political components of her work, while also gaining a better knowledge of many historical events. Her work is complex and full of life. Her residence in LA is a strong component to her work as well, as she touches upon many political events in LA or events that impacted LA. I hope to gain an even better understanding of queer arts in LA through exploring her work.

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