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Friday, February 3, 2017

Gay LA concludes with a fourth and final part entitled "Smash Hits, Devastating Bombs, Stunning Comebacks," continuing a story of the creation of a more welcoming and genuine environment for the LGBT community. Finally allowing the white and middle-class homosexual man's narrative to take a backseat, this final part introduces and informs about a more diverse tale. This includes identity markers like race and religion that built a foundation for progression, with intersectionality leading the way as my classmate John mention in his post. For example, the section describes the nation's first gay church, the Metropolitan Community Church, whose inclusivity gave way for progressions such as a more inclusive language in the subject of religion, or Christianity more specifically.
MCC, and other newly-formed institutions aimed at normalizing the newly-introduced gay lifestyles of people in the lgbtq community, allowed the members of this community to be "able to build themselves daytime lives," like my classmate Michael mentioned in his post.
It is important to draw these two ideas from the book's final section because, together, they are able to draw home the lesson that, before these events happened, these people who members of a community that did not yet exist. And that is was beyond important and righteous for this to be accomplished. Both items -- intersectionality and these birth of these institutions -- illuminate the fact that people in this community faced problems being themselves in a daily sense. On top of facing direct discrimination, they were unable to live full lives until this community came into being.
And it is the same reason that these have not changed since. Where there is a majority, it is important to understand that there is also a minority. It is neither naive nor romantic to work towards making more of these accomplishments.

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