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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Blog Post Week 7-Artist Piece

For my artists report, I am researching a transgender artist by the name of Zackary Drucker. She is an independent artist, television producer, and an activist who deconstructs the way we view gender and sexuality. Queer consciousness is always at the forefront of her artwork and photography—giving a strong voice to the LGBT community.

Her main pieces include both photography and video; however, for this assignment I will only focus on her still image pieces. The pictures below are all part of a project called “5 East 73rd Street” where Zachary Drucker photographed documentary-style raw images of Mother Flawless Sabrina (Jack Doroshow) in her upper-Manhattan home. I chose this piece because I really feel that it captures the essence and novel exploration of trans-identity. Drucker explained these photographs as “A time capsule and a transformer as this work remains a junction for eclectic queers who echo the voice of The Queen”. These pictures thus capture the fluidity of gender identity in an extremely candid way. 

In the image above, you can see Mother Flawless Sabrina laying on a couch in her loft. Although the picture seems quite simple, it speaks in many ways. This image is the first in the series that Drucker produced and goes through the timeline of her getting ready from start to finish. Below I have included the other photographs that came along with this photo so you may see the timeline-like essence to this work of art. Mother Flawless Sabrina is known to be an icon in the queer community and these pictures serve as a statement piece for all people. These images are very subtle, yet they such a powerful message.These pictures really do capture the unattainable nature of gender, and portray confidence and ignite confidence through the LGBT community. 

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