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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Blog Post 4 - When We Were Outlaws

Hi y'all,

Before I get into the the three situations/people who stand out for me, a general response I am having to the book is great. I feel that there is a good balance of personal and political. Some people show their personal emotions in their radicalism, but more often than that, it is because of the politics and not separate from it. On the contrary to this, Córdova has a radically political life exhibited in the book as well as a quite separate personal life.

The first situation that stood out to me was the printer of The Tide refusing to print the issue because there was two womyn kissing on the cover (40). My first thought was that he never read an issue of the newsletter and I was wondering how he could be printing this and not even know the content. It seemed like seeing the cover was the first time he was finding out what the content was. The entire interaction between Córdova and the printer, Charlie, was uncomfortable because it reminded me of a womyn not getting anything from a man without giving him something first. In this case, the thing she was giving was sex tips, but the analogy could be worse.

The second situation was Córdova's removal from the Board of Directors (89). I am a bit confused how she even got on the board. However, the way she was removed makes me think that the rest of the Board already knew what Bartley had been doing with the books. They must have been aware of Bartley manipulating the books.

The last situation is Rachel's breakdown after the vote to strike or not strike against the Board. I am active with BLMLA and my mentor through them recently told me something that I noticed in this situation. Usually people who are really privileged do not feel an urge to help people because they have not had the feeling of needing help. People who do help others usually know what it was like to need help and Rachel is a prime example of this. She experienced spousal abuse, domestic violence and she tries so hard to keep their cohort together because she cannot deal with another break up (182).

Hope everyone else is enjoying this.


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