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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Blog Post #3 - Oscar

Hi everyone! Hope your Week 4 is going well!

This week's readings were quite interesting and provided context for much of the gay culture that resulted from it now. Many parts from this section in the book resonated with me, but a few particular ones stood out. Well for starters, I love to dance and the club scene caught my eye, so I'd like to point out that after extensive Googling, Circus Disco is no longer open, but there are plans to incorporate the legacy of the disco haven into the new housing complex. Yay!

The next point borders on the issue of identity and finding our niche in this extremely diverse city we call LA. In the beginning of the "Our Own" section, there seemed to be this sense of discontentment amongst queer people of color with having to partition their respective perception's of self for that of other social groups they belonged to. Alycee Lane described it as "divid[ing] ourselves into expendable parts." Later, towards the end of the section, the book then emphasizes the euphoric satisfaction of finding a group you wholeheartedly (or whole-identidly lol) belong to. These two instances especially resonated with me because it made me realize that this partitioning of one's identity still persists, particularly within myself. When I first arrived in this city three and a half years ago, I was wide-eyed and ready to live my life unapologetically gay. I guess I relished at the fact that I could explore this part of myself outside of my familiar context and also keep this context arms-length away. And because of this I grew resentment towards the place I called home (Latino, immigrant, Low SES) for not facilitating my exploration of this avenue. Reading this chapter highlighted the insecurities that I had in my early gay years as a gay Latino man living in a predominantly white, affluent context. Whereby foregoing part of my self for the sake of social inclusion and for a place where "one is not a stranger." Since then, I have grown up considerably and within such a small amount of time and continue to grow; formulating my self and evolving with new knowledge and new experiences. New knowledge in correspondence with my various cultures and the many cross-sections between them. This section of the book highlighted how euphoric it is to find a group you fit into, but I think it's just as euphoric if not more to align yourself with the self you have created.

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