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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Artists Proposal - Jade Phoenix Martinez

For our final project I would like to focus on the artist Jade Phoenix Martinez. She is a queer, trans femme, Filipinx-American artist. She focuses on performance poetry. Her work mostly speaks about her experience with the different identities she embraces and how they affect her interaction with the world. In addition to her work as an artist, she is also an activist and an educator, fighting for liberation for all peoples.

I was able to see her perform in person last year at a QTPOC conference at UC Berkeley. Her message and experiences really spoke to me since we are both QTPOC. I feel like there is a lack of representation for people who identify as both trans and POC and I really identified with her experiences. It was refreshing to hear about trans experience intersecting with her Filipinx heritage as well as her being a trans parent because people don’t often hear about trans people raising children. All of her stories were relayed through her beautiful poetry. I hope to learn more about her work and concepts which she draws from, as well how being based in Los Angeles has shaped her artwork.

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