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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Artist Selection: Alex Donis

For my final project, I will look at the visual artist Alex Donis, who continues to make art in LA focusing on the intersection of his three cultures, pop, latino, and queer. I first learned of him in our class, when we saw some of his controversial works, including the edited poster of the Virgin Mary and the smashed stained glass windows of pop, political, and religious figures kissing. I like that his works are controversial and very frank and not even directly about himself, but still a reflection of his identity and in particular of the intersections of his identity. I think his style of using pop figures or typical people shamelessly crashing through barriers is very effective and upfront even if the premise is relatively simple (eg people who should be violent enemies dancing together), and I like that he seeks an immediate response, even if the response is offense (like in the Virgin Mary poster), in his audience.

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