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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Artist Proposal - Sandra Monterroso

For our final project, I will like to focus on Sandra Monterroso. Monterroso is a visual and performance artist from Guatemala whose projects focus primarily on a return to the past, decoloniality, and transformation. She produces many installations which counter the Guatemalan government and its continued human rights violations against indigenous people. Her pieces which emphasize a "return to the past" brings light to the 36-year long civil war that occurred in Guatemala from 1960-1996. The cause of the civil war was no other than US political and economic intervention in the country (and a few other Central American countries) known as the Banana Republic.

In addition to creating art based on Guatemalan indigeneity, Monterroso also creates performances pieces which emphasize gender and specifically, gender politics in the country. I appreciate Monterosso's focuses on gender and indigeneity which are important to be because they are what shapes my queer, gender-fluid identity.

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