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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Artist Proposal

An artist I want to do research on is Khushboo Gulati. Khushboo is a Los Angeles-based artist that does art surrounding female liberation in a Southeast Asian context. They also reference their relationship with their sister and mother and the femme labour that has been passed down generationally. She references femme existence as community that femme folx find within each other in the femme activities they do with one another. A lot of Khushboo’s art also showcases their relationship with their gender, referencing genderqueer people and addressing the stigma of different genders participating in certain “gendered” activities. Khushboo works with a variety of mediums, including textiles and graphic design. Khushboo identifies as queer, desi, creator/designer/witch/healer who believes that art is ritual and language of the divine.

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