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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Week 2 Blog Post

Hi y'all,

This week's reading covered a lot of topics that I find very interesting. The first topic that I thought was interesting was idea that the first gay parade on record took place on May 12, 1966. I think this confused me, because I had always thought that the first Pride Parade was a riot and that riot was Stonewall. However, the more I thought about it, the more I thought that a literal parade is what was the intended meaning.
 The next topic I found interesting was that PRIDE was actually an organization that stood for Personal Rights in Defense and Education. I had always thought that it was just a name that came to be because of the celebrations that take place all over the world in the summer. The next topic I thought was interesting was "lesbian feminism." This idea of "feminism" came to be because the lesbians felt that heterosexual feminism excluded them. However, the fact that they created a sort of feminism that only cared about their progression reminded me of the same feminism they were excluded from themselves. There was no talk of transwomyn. Personally, I think of feminism as encompassing of all womyn, heterosexual, lesbian, queer and/or trans*. So it was interesting to see how far this topic has come.
It also was interesting to me to see how people in the punk scene took part in homosexual activities, but did not consider themselves gay because that was just what people in the punk scene do. This made me feel weird, but it also provided a safety net for gay people to stay hidden.

Hope y'all enjoyed the reading too!


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