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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Week 3, Gay LA II

An event that stood out to me in part two of Gay LA is when Troy Perry decides to make a church for gay people. I never heard about this before and it was nice to learn that people didn't let the cruel words of others deter them from having a spiritual connection. From personal experience, I know that being queer comes with difficulty when your family has raised you Catholic and believes that God doesn't approve of gay people. But it is also refreshing to see that despite the hate and separation that religion has/can cause between homosexual and hetero people, it did not stop gay people from following their beliefs and maintaining a connection with their spiritual leader. In this case, God.

In addition to this, the fact that lesbians were welcome as well and were important in Perry's  congregation means a lot because they seem to be mentioned sparingly so far in the book. I loved the part where a gay male psychologist assumes the stereotypical gender role of the woman is to be in the kitchen. The sentence, "The next Sunday in his sermon, he chewed the guys out" (165) made me laugh and appreciate Perry's stance with lesbians. Instead of undermining the situation he took action and made it clear that that type of attitude is not welcome in his church. It is after all a place made because of that kind of outdated and generally wrong belief. Stereotypes involving the gender norms and a person's sexuality are problems that the gay community face even within themselves.

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