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Friday, January 20, 2017

Week 1 - Introduction

Hey all!

I am Eli, a 4th year Political Science and Gender Studies major. I was born in Pasadena but raised in Azusa. I come from a single family home and I'm the first generation of my family to be born in the United States (as well as the first person to go to college.) I have a strong inclination for music. I'm particularly infatuated by spanish flamenco guitar pieces and it's probably because I studied classical guitar for approximately 7 years, though I wouldn't say I'm very good at it. I love Jazz, Blues, and anything loosely based on those genres (which is a lot of genres considering how influential those two are.) I'm into noise bands and gothic industrial music too, but I digress. 
Currently I am a cultural affairs intern for an arts agency located in West Los Angeles, where I've been at for a bit over a year now. It is because of this position that I've been able to learn about LGBTQ arts and culture in Los Angeles from my wonderfully knowledgeable bosses. I have also been involved in Queer clubs on campus for nearly my entire stay at UCLA. Though I've made quite the effort to revolve my life around queerness, I've now come to realize that it's come at the cost of surrounding myself with homonormativity.

As for this week's reading, I've really come to enjoy the first part of Gay L.A. because it started us off by telling us how there are a variety of genders in differing communities. As someone who was affected by colonization and who is nonbinary, I like how visibility is shed on those identities. Also, moving a bit past the reading, I also went ahead and downloaded Stuart Timmons LGBTQ History Tour Mobile application. It is through this app that I was able to experience LGBTQ history in the form of a walking tour in the City of West Hollywood, a place rich in Queer History. Though I wasn't able to actually go and walk in the City due to a fever, I was able to listen to the information given to me by the narrator. Since I frequent West Hollywood often, I was able to contextualize certain parts of the City to its History. 

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