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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Blog Post #2

Hello everyone, I'm glad to see that many of you all enjoyed the second part of Gay LA as much as I did! The second part touches on many issues related to activism and resistance; I saw may similarities from this history to our times today under the Trump administration's threats on many communities including this one. As someone who identifies as both queer and Mexican, I am able to see the realities of both of these communities and the tragedies of silence and progress away from collaboration.
For instance, Henry Hay's ban from the Communist Party following allegations about homosexuality lead him to lead progress in an organization for homosexual males. However, his support stemmed from claiming normalcy in other aspects of their lives: they had jobs, owned homes and cars, even had children and, of course, they were gender-conforming. In order to rid the negative connotation surrounding his sexual identity markers, the org made sure to assimilate in every other way possible.
This was not the end of resistance, however. The Radical Faeries of the time also claimed support for the community, except they put emphasis on the acceptance entirely. This allowed room for gender-nonconforming homosexual males to feel welcome, too.
This history came to mind while I kept myself up to date with current political movements, such as the women's march. I saw a poster labeled, "My fellow WHITE women here, I'm going to see you at the next #BlackLivesMatter parade, right?
It's just interesting to me the progresses and the opposite of progression in my life and world today. It resonates and I see it as knowledge that I can most definitely use.

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