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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Blog Post #1 - Riy

Hi y'all,

My name is Riyadah Mutakabbir, but I go by Riy. I am a fourth year Dance major with a focus on Civic Engagement and an LGBTQ Studies minor. I was born in Oakland, California but was raised in Stockton, California. I am an RA and on a competitive Hip Hop team. As a Black, genderqueer, dancer who has established a dance community in Los Angeles, I wanted to learn about the different art communities that have established themselves in Los Angeles.

What I found most interesting in the Gay L.A. reading was that gender-bending and same-sex relations were evident in Native American societies before colonization. Although I had already knew this information, I recently read Janet Mock's Redefining Realness and read about Hawaii culture having their own version of transness and same-sex relationships. This reading made me wonder how many other cultures have some form of this as well.

It also was interesting how much lesbianism was ignored because men did not think that pleasure could exist without their input. Another reason could have been that women were much more likely to be hanging out together and be more touchy with their friends than men were. Women were probably exhibiting what looked like very romantic, normal friendships, when they were actually showcasing their lesbianism. This made me think that a lot of new terms that my generation thinks they have invented, were previously ideals but did not have labels. This generation thinks they created romantic friends and gender-bending, but there is proof of these ideas in history.

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