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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Something more to say about " Dolores Del Río mural "

" Dolores Del Río mural " (1990) acrylic paint on wall. This mural can be seen as a tribute paid to the famous Mexican Hollywood actress by Alfredo de Batuc. Dominating in the center is a large black and white head shot of the star, and in each corner an oval with scenes from four of her movies: What Price Glory?, 1926; Flying Down to Rio, 1933; María Candelaria, 1943; and The Fugitive, 1947. Her portrait and the oval scenes are in black and white contrasting sharply with the sunset colors of the background that go from fiery oranges to a passionate red to a dusky burgundy. Warmly touched by the sky in the background is the snow-covered silhouette of Ixtaccíhuatl -- the Sleeping Woman -- a dormant volcano that has been the subject of myth and legend since time immemorial. As an offering to this celluloid deity the sides and the center foreground were festooned with flowers. Most of these flowers are native to southern California or to the southwestern deserts as an allusion to this land and to Flor silvestre [Wild Flower] (1942), her first movie after she left Hollywood. Other flowers that hint at movie titles are Bird of Paradise (1932) and Bugambilia (1944.) The two pairs of calla lilies, after Imogen Cunningham, are a reference to the avant garde of the twenties and thirties in its San Francisco expression.

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