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Friday, March 11, 2016


In my self-portrait, I initially wanted to create a comical representation of religious persecution of homosexuals and need for finding a place of belonging. Initially, I began with an idea of turning away from ignorance in search of somewhere using religious persecution as an initiative. In order to inspire comic relief, I wanted to give the ignorant audience a very literal representation of what it is that they implied when they made homosexuals out to be sinners. In this, I had manipulated my face to be a bit demonic in that it had symbols posters of protesters in the background who were blind to the real world behind them, which was full of color. The poster took a turn towards a direction that I didn't necessarily agree with. Instead, I scrapped the poster and began again with the ideas that were most important to me. Namely, the idea of trying to find a place of belonging. I figured that with all of the negativity that exists in the world, there is no reason why sanctuary could not be found somewhere in the great expanse of the universe. So, in my poster, I took to space, and am planting Queer flag on the moon, an unknown, unclaimed environment. Around my head is a bubble helmet, symbolizing fragility of the search for a place of belonging, but still represents a conviction to search. It also symbolizes a retraction from the hateful dirt that is on the Earth. At my feet, I have brought/found a little companion who is watching me establish this new home.

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