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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Reflection of Last Lecture


One of the artists discussed in class presentations last lecture was A.L. Steiner. I had never heard of her work before and was really struck by her artistic style. In each of her portraits, she seems to call into question the role of female sexuality, in her own unique way. More than sexuality, her work comments on the politics of the body - something that I'm really passionate about and am thinking about in regards to our final project. Her photography that I've looked at has such an honest edge that it's almost a little shocking at first. However, upon looking at more and more images, I found that I was shocked because we're trained to look away from anything that discusses women's sexuality and to see it as grotesque and inappropriate. I like that she discusses women being women, and not needing an excuse for doing so. She asks us to call into question what we experience as normal, and to think about our own forms of self-expression. To me, her overt sexual expression in almost all of her pieces is an attempt to bring queerness into a place of normalcy and acceptance and a call to people, women specifically, to embrace their unique form of sexual expression.

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