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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Laura Aguilar

I first got introduced to Laura Aguilar's work last quarter during Alma Lopez's Chicana Art class. Ever since then I've had a really intimate and personal connection to them because, like a lot of other people do, we both struggle with our appearances to the point where it becomes an abysmal point in our lives. I love the way that she channels all of her emotional turmoil and self-prescribed hate into beautiful, serene imagery where she belongs completely to the world and the world belongs to her. Alma's point about Laura's memories of traveling to different areas with her mom and bringing back a souvenir every time, and that paralleling what she might want to happen to her; she wants someone to pick her up like the rocks she kept within those fond memories. Every time I see her work, I simultaneously feel depressed yet serene and at ease. She feels that the sun and the wind hug and caress her when no one else will, and I agree. There is such a tremendous sense of both comfort and dismay in knowing that one is really alone, whether that's within one's thoughts, out in society, etc. I think it serves as a reminder that we came from our mothers alone into this world, and often times, that's the way it also ends, nevertheless, you can always count on the sun shining down on your body, and the breeze caressing your skin without judgement.

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