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Friday, March 4, 2016

just something to say

Hi, guys, I'm Jun, Zhou. The exchange student from China for just three months and this is the first time I come to America. Two months has passed and I should say this is definitely one of the most amazing time I've ever had. My major here is Gender Studies, but LGBT Studies has always being one of my top interests. Therefore, I feel so lucky to come here and take this course Queer Arts in Los Angeles. At very first I had thought this maybe a very tough course since I'm new to this city and also have no idea about it's profound arts let alone the Queer one. Surprisingly, it turns out very well. I have been introduced to several new skills so far including photoshop, poster designing, webpage designing, however what is most important and also meaningful to me is the way to appreciate queen arts, that is to say, to break through dominant ideas that limit and marginalize queer art, by creating a new concept of queer as a wider platform for excellence in arts, while daring to speak openly about the norms that constitute society and art practice. To me Queer art plays in the space of unreason. It is experimental. It is provocative. Suspicious. Queer art celebrates the failure to adhere to normative expectations and is pleased with itself as a conscious and exquisite transgression. Hence, queer art never fully arrives. It is always, disrupting, refusing, and resisting the ever-shifting power of normaltivity and dominance, in an effort to carve out more material, affective, and aesthetic space for anyone who is brave enough to want it. I still remembered that once in class I said that how brave and talented u guys are to express whatever u want in this artistic way. And two months has passed I am so impressed by the marvelous artworks you have done. I feel so lucky and happy to become one of the brave!

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