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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Giselle Persak, Self-Portrait

In studying David Wojnarowicz's art, I was really thinking about his use of black and white in his self-portraits. I wanted to keep my image really simple, so as to make my message both clear and able to be defined personally by the viewer. In starting this assignment, I considered what a self-portrait means to my generation in this day and time. There has been this transformation from the art of a self-portrait to what we do today - the selfie. While I love the idea of having that connection with technology and others that enables us to share our unique moments, it is the pressures that come with the act of sharing so much of our lives that I was more focused on. Because we are so surrounded by social media and these perfect images of photoshopped people and bodies, we feel this pressure to take a second look at ourselves to see what needs to be changed or altered before uploading. That is the exact idea that was meant to be communicated in this piece. It is the concept that because of social pressures we feel the need to change ourselves based on the influence of others, drawing influence from a perceived idea of others' perfection instead of our own perfection found in our individuality.

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