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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

700 Nimes Road



About two weeks ago, I took a trip to MOCA in West Hollywood to see Catherine Opie's "700 Nimes Road". I did not know the artist or what kind of work she created until the minute I stepped into the museum. For this particular exhibit, the artist Catherine Opie was invited to document Elizabeth Taylor's Los Angeles home. I have never been a fan of Elizabeth Taylor due to the fact that I don't know much about her,  but I fell in love with the idea of her as soon as I saw the photographs Catherine Opie chose to demonstrate in her exhibit. All of the photographs display a graceful femininity that I appreciate very much due to my own identity. I especially appreciated a set of photographs that seemed to be pictures of all the different types of garments hung in her closet. We see denim turn into red and pink silk and then thick fur coats and suede. Her accessories also caught my attention. She had tiaras and diamonds and jewels that didn't lose their shine even when captured through a lens. Her vanity and her shoes are also something that looks so simple because there are no extravagant colors, but there is beauty in that simplicity. I am actually happy that I went on to see this exhibit because I feel that when you see the entire thing, you can learn a few things about a person with just seeing their homes. Honestly its beautiful, the white walls and the wood floors flatter the photographs very appealing.

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