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Thursday, February 4, 2016

WIP Activism Poster

        For my activism poster I attempted to tackle the difficult concept of visualizing what "decolonizing" is, which at first had me stumped. I believe decolonizing is extremely important not just to the Chicanx movement but for all social justice movements as it's the foundation of oppression in this country. Further, decolonization should be central to movements because it's still occurring today (RE: Higher rates of all kinds of violence towards indigenous women). But the reason I believe decolonization is so important to the Queer movement is because of the erasure it enacts upon indigenous and other ethnic identities and sexualities, which leads to limiting people's queerness. Decolonizing is both a private and public practice, and before we can decolonize the rest of our oppression we must decolonize ourselves.
        The image itself has two femme figures, La Malinche and La Virgen de Guadalupe, whom I like to consider mother figures of Mexico. Both women have had their stories deeply entrenched in colonization and as a result their stories have been misconstrued and tainted. While La Malinche has always been hypersexualized, the Virgen has been robbed of any sexuality or agency at all. I placed them together to further the idea of these femme figures as "Mothers" of Mexico by placing them in a queer context. Here they take hold of their agency by enacting publicly on their attraction for each other besides the visual disgust of others looking on. These figures who have been both revered and repudiated, are not only queered in this image but given their own agency.

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