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Friday, February 12, 2016

When We Were Outlaws

Reading this book really gives me an appreciation for Gay LA. It puts all the history we learned about it Gay LA into perspective and helps give a much better understanding. Reading Cordova's personal experience of being part of the underground lesbian, feminist radicalism was fascinating. I love how intimate this book is, and not only do you get a sense of history like you did in Gay LA, you can actually feel it through the perspective of someone who lived through it and actively participated. I loved learning all the little details about Cordova, from her intimate relationships with BeJo and reasoning for her preference of non-monogamy, to seeing how she confronts day to day lesbian feminist experiences. Learning about her own history with her family was also really cool, and gave even more perspective of how she has evolved as a woman. I can't wait to read on and learn more.

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